Week 13 Intro

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Hello Fellow PotCert Folks,

My name is Joanne Carrubba, and I teach Art History and Humanities at MiraCosta and 3 other schools in and around San Diego, one entirely on line. Since I teach both face to face and on line, I deal with the challenges of the (slightly) different pedagogy of each format, and how to keep on line students engaged in a student-centered learning environment when you are not right in front of them. I am blogging from Normal Heights in San Diego, and my challenge for this class will be doing the work with my 4 year old running around me.

One of the biggest challenges I face as an on line instructor, beyond modifying an on-site course for the on line environment, or vice versa, which Catherine already eloquently touched on, is dealing with the different levels of support from the different colleges in creating a visually interesting, student-centered Blackboard class. For the purely online school I teach for, which uses Moodle, meaning I see the pluses and minuses of both systems, we have to use their canned design, and are limited in what we can add or upload. This means no screencasting, etc. I want to find ways to engage and interest the students within that limited environment, and that is one of the reasons I am taking this class.



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