Week 17

This week’s reading contained a series of very interesting points. I agree with Sou in her points that students are not always as tech savvy as we assume they are. I generally do both a FAQ sheet and a discussion forum specifically for FAQs as well. In the forum, both myself and other students can post answers to questions people have, with the reminder and caveat that they must be respectful in their answers.

I also teach for one school where I can have students from the US, Kenya, and Eastern Europe, which gives an interesting mix of learning styles, previous education, and English language capabilities. I have found, interestingly, that our international students are often the hardest workers. You have to balance, though, the student in Hawaii who prefers to surf, but used connectivity as an excuse for not getting work done with the student in Kenya who has electrical grid and connectivity issues. The challenge is often in applying rules uniformly, but also fairly.

Here is a sample FAQ sheet I created, with my contact info (and the rules for contacting me), tech info, etc:

I do tend to embed Google docs (thanks to Laura for that idea in a Flex workshop) to make them easier for more students to view and access.

Here is the link to my poll. I have to admit, this isn’t something I use often, but I could see how it would be fun.


One thought on “Week 17

  1. […] Week 17 introduced the idea of FAQ sheets and polls to help students who may not be as tech savvy as we tend to assume. I think many of us, and I am guilty of this at times, tend to assume that our students are techies. […]

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