Week 19

Larry Sanger’s article really got me thinking about the pedagogy of online teaching, and of the way we think of the internet in general. I would agree that, although you can look up any information you may want on the web, only you can process it for yourself. Also, I loved the idea of teaching as a curatorial process, which I think fits with Lisa’s method of having her students curate the collections for each week within her class. (I will be stealing that by the way.) I am posting a screencast of some additional thoughts as well, as well as the Prezi I did.



One thought on “Week 19

  1. […] In Week 19, we really started to look at online teaching from a pedagogical standpoint, perhaps more in depth than we already had been. I loved the idea this week of teaching as a curatorial process. This week reminded us of the challenges of the emphasis on student-centered learning. […]

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