Week 24


First of all I would to say how much I have enjoyed this experience. Although I have been teaching online and hybrid classes in addition to f2f for a while, it was energizing to get so many new and exciting ideas this session. I hope all of you stay in my PLN. I am on Twitter @JoanneCarrubba and have a LinkedIn Profile as well: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/joanne-carrubba/19/16b/97. I am on Facebook, but my postings there are more personal than professional, but you are welcome to friend me (as long as you don’t mind sifting through pictures of my 5 year old): https://www.facebook.com/joanne.carrubba.

The first week was the intro, and I have to admit I had no idea how much I was going to get from this class as I posted my comments and photos.

Next came the postings about creative commons, images, and sites and tools that pull together images, video and audio components. I am exploring the Kompozer tip that Laura gave me here for using HTML.

The next week, we looked at Screencasts, video and sound again, but from a more technical standpoint. This was a good reminder for me of the importance of these components within our classes for both us as professors and for the students. I have started using Soundcloud more in my classes after this week made me thing about how important it was.

Week 16 was the major revelation for me up to that point. That’s when I learned about Prezi. I do believe that Thinglink was introduced about this time as well. I have already been using both of these in my classes.

Week 17 introduced the idea of FAQ sheets and polls to help students who may not be as tech savvy as we tend to assume. I think many of us, and I am guilty of this at times, tend to assume that our students are techies.

The next week, we dealt with the different CMS and LMS systems we use, and the idea of breaking away from those strictures into something more open and fluid. There were excellent point here about clear and effective communication with students.

In Week 19, we really started to look at online teaching from a pedagogical standpoint, perhaps more in depth than we already had been. I loved the idea this week of teaching as a curatorial process. This week reminded us of the challenges of the emphasis on student-centered learning.

Week 20 dealt with the issues of technology in the classroom. I connected strongly with this week, and with Lanier’s points about “not killing the magic.” Other readings here reminded us to fully integrate the technology we use with our grading and be sure we make students aware of our expectations.

Week 21 was about distance learning and MOOCs. Here I began to think about the concept of opening up the classroom beyond the registered students, and how to make that effective for all involved. Certainly, this seems to be one direction education is headed in, and needs to be looked at to be sure it is effective for as many learners as possible.

The next week, began the PLN discussion, and emphasized it’s importance for us as well as our students. Here was the idea of opening the classroom, flipping the script, and moving beyond the LMS and traditional lecture constructs completely. This is something we need to model for the students by our own networking, as Jaap so eloquently reminded us.

Finally, I had the opportunity to explore a week further in my own little presentation. Mine was on Week 18: Classroom Management and Facilitation. This was a great chance to explore this topic a little further and put into practice some of what I learned this session.

It was an amazing experience, and I will see you next fall for the first half, since I like doing things backwards.


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