Week 4

An online instructor should have a (1) pedagogical role, to design and develop the online course and facilitate students’ learning; (2) professional role, to comply with ethical and legal standards; (3) evaluative role, to monitor and evaluate students’ learning progress; (4) social role, to maintain a positive atmosphere and promote interaction; (5) technological role, to select appropriate tools and resources for learning; (6) advisory role, to provide guidance based on individual needs and to foster better learning habits; (7) administrative role, to manage the course and logistics; and (8) research role, to conduct research and constantly improve teaching and learning.

This quote from “Exploring Online Teaching: A Three-Year Composite Journal of Concerns and Strategies from Online Instructors” by Hong Lin, Kim Dyer and Yu Gou sums up the goal for all of us in our classrooms, whether online or otherwise. They, like Ko and Rossen, talk quite a bit about giving assignments that are simple to understand, but complex enough to allow the students to learn and grow, as well as diversification of content delivery in order to make a stimulating course. I also love that they use Crocodoc. I use this for another school, and love that students and professors can annotate. It makes for a great way to give feedback on papers, and to all annotate more complex reading assignments.

Ko and Rossen otherwise for this week seemed a bit basic. My comment about the sample syllabi they provided is that they were entirely too wordy. Students will not read that much, and it would be better to hyperlink, as Rachelle also points out, or break some of that out into a FAQ sheet. I have also found it to be beneficial to give online students a video or audio tour of the classroom, syllabi and expectations the first week.

I think I will be stealing Pilar’s use of Blackboard to make an interactive syllabus/schedule/assignment list. That was truly amazing. Below is a video that probably explains the reality of teaching.


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