Week 6

This week as all about furthering the conversation on how to foster community and student engagement in an online setting. I loved Ko and Rossen’s idea of a learning style assessment as a means to develop student-centered assignments. That would be an interesting way to make the students even more engaged in their learning process, and is something I may add into my class along with my initial ice-breaker.

I also liked what they had to say about mixing group and individual assignments as a means to give students a variety of different ways to learn and work on their process. I think that is what many of us probably already do. I also agree with their point that the instructor needs to be at least somewhat engaged in the formation of the groups in order to be sure that no one gets left out, but I also think that is possible more true when the group work is for credit. I may also use their idea of consensus groups, as I could see that as a great means to have students work through some of the issues with understanding art historical theory.

Both Lisa and Ko and Rossen talked about blogging. I have had students blog before, and am in the process of reworking that assignment to create a multi-author blog for one of my classes. Lisa’s reminder that we need to thing of our pedalogical goal and how we get students there was a good one. I also liked Lisa’s statement about the blog as a means of having students do public writing. I think the points that Lisa and Ko and Rossen make about the importance of rubrics to clarify both assignments and your grading process linked back to everything we have been talking about thus far in the POTCERT class.

I already include some synchronous activities in my courses. I have found that you can get good discussions going, and students often become very engaged. But, you need to be sure you schedule at least 2 sessions OR allow for students to view a recording, as it is impossible to find 1 time that works for all.


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