Final Wrap-Up for POTCert


Here are my final thoughts. As always, I would like to thank Jim, Lisa and Laura, the guest moderators, and my fellow students in the course for an enlightening and amazing experience. I always learn so much in the POTCert Program.

Week 2’s discussion about online teaching and learning was an intense experience for me. I loved that the articles brought in Constructivism vs. Instructivist approaches and UDL in an online classroom.

For Week 3, we discussed the importance of the course design. Again, this discussion linked back to UDL, and I think all of us who teach online need to be reminded about the importance of coherence in our online classrooms. I know when I began, I often took that for granted, and didn’t think about the ease of navigation through the online classroom for the students.

In Week 4, we talked about the online syllabus. Rachelle’s reminders to make it easy to navigate, interesting to look at, and clickable were good ones. I have started incorporating more links into my online syllabus as a result.

In Week 5, we discussed the importance of community, which is what I focused on in my video for this class. I think that is often something that gets left behind in an online classroom, as we do not see our students. The ideas put forth within the readings, etc for this week emphasized the importance of this in our classes.

By Week 6 we were really getting into the deeper thinking of this program, looking at the activities we assign our students, and how we make them educational and interesting for them. This week reminded us to combine synchronous activities, blogs, discussions, and individual and group activities in our courses to make the learning experience deep and meaningful for the students.

Week 7 focused on what is one of the thorniest issues in online, and face to face, education: intellectual property and open education. I loved the links to the OER sites, and have already incorporated many of them in my classes. It is always good to be reminded about fair use and intellectual property within an educational system, as I think all of us occasionally find an amazing article we want to share with all of our students.

I am linking to my final wrap up from the Spring for the rest of the weeks, as that was where I actually did the work from these weeks. Otherwise, I was just a stalker! If anyone wants to stay connected in my PLN, please see my info in that link.

Otherwise, thanks for a great session yet again!


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