Another Semester Starting


It’s starting time for another semester, which means I am embroiled in prep and professional development. One of the things I like most about this is it reminds me about the things that make me crazy in classes I have taken. If you, as a professor, are not prepared or well-organized, it makes the class difficult to follow and boring. Why is prep often too much to ask?

Little rant out of the way, I am excited to start a class blog for my basic art class. I will be blogging on the results over the course of the semester. I’m hoping this goes better this semester than my discussion forum in this course did last time, as I could not get them to work in online groups properly. Of course, part of this is to get them writing and thinking about art more, which is a good reminder for me that we need to always think about our intentions in assignments. As an experiment, I’m having my survey courses do the discussion forum, in which they will curate in groups each week, posting images and questions and comments that relate to the material covered. I’m linking to her brilliant post about this assignment. I’m pretty sure that she does it better, but the goal is, as always, student centered learning.